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klaine advent calendar meme, day 18

Anonymous prompted: favorite ornament

G, 400+ words, inspired by this picture
(tag / list of prompts)

Amelia is in her gingerbread pajamas, dozing off in Blaine’s lap during what must be their sixth re-watch of Elf since the holiday season started, when Kurt comes back from the bedroom, still wearing the glasses he wears when he sews.

"Tada," Kurt whispers, holding up the tiny stuffed teddy bear ornament, patched up where it got ripped open after getting tangled up with the hook from another ornament. Amelia cried for almost an hour when she went to pull her favorite ornament out of the box and it ripped right through the stitching of her name, across the bear’s belly. She was inconsolable until Kurt promised to fix it for her.

"You’re magic," Blaine whispers back, tilting his head back so Kurt can peck a kiss over his lips, and Amelia starts to stir.

”Daddy?” she mumbles sleepily, turning her head where it’s tucked against Blaine’s stomach so a few more strands of hair fall out of her braids.

"C’mon, baby," Blaine says, pressing a kiss over her hair when she yawns and using the distraction to pause the DVD. "You gotta get to bed if you want Santa to come tonight. We can finish the movie tomorrow, okay?"

Thankfully Amelia looks too sleepy to complain, and Blaine shares a smile with Kurt as he leans over to lift her up into his arms, hoisting her onto his hip and then picking up her ornament.

"We’ve got an early Christmas present for you, sweetie," Kurt says, and Amelia smiles slowly when she realizes what Kurt’s holding, her eyes lighting up as she takes the ornament to inspect it.

"It’s all fixed now?"

"He’s sewn up and ready to go back on the tree," Kurt says, and Amelia starts to squirm until he lets her down, watching her toddle over to the tree.

"Be careful about the branches," Blaine says, because he can’t help it, but Amelia’s standing far back enough it’s not a problem, on her tiptoes as she fits the loop of the ornament around a branch. She steps back and puts her hands on her hips, admiring her work, and Blaine exchanges another smile with Kurt. It’s their That’s our girl smile.

"Ready for bed now, Amelia?"

Amelia nods, holding up her arms so Kurt knows to pick her back up. She rests her cheek over his shoulder, face glowing softly from the lights on the tree, and asks, “Story time first?”

"Once you’re tucked into bed, then we can do story time," Kurt says, and Blaine finally gets up from the couch, following Kurt to her bedroom because he wouldn’t want to miss Christmas Eve story time for anything.

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